Savannah Laser Hair Removal Accident Lawyer

Laser Hair Removal Accidents Lawyers

Laser hair removal is a beauty-related service becoming more and more popular these days. It permanently removes unwanted hair, commonly on the underarms, legs, bikini area, and upper lip. This service is offered by various businesses, notably spas and salons. The method destroys a hair follicle with heat utilizing invisible light beams. It provides a valuable service when done correctly, but errors can occur. As a result, laser hair removal claims and lawsuits have been on the rise recently, with claims filed by those injured due to negligence from providers of this treatment. If hurt due to someone else’s negligent laser hair removal, Thomas Hunter Law Firm will help you get compensated for your losses.

We’ll go over your case in-depth, answer all of your questions, and devise a plan to help you. We’ll work with you to reach a favorable settlement for your damages. So, contact us for help on your laser hair removal case!

What You Should Know About Laser Hair Removal Accidents

What Is Laser Hair Removal, And How Does It Work?

Laser hair removal destroys hair follicles with concentrated light beams. A technician or professional uses a device that emits a laser to shock the skin.  For best results, multiple treatments are administered over the course of a year, with the customer going to the spa or professional office for treatments every four to six weeks.

What Kinds Of Injuries Can Laser Hair Removal Cause?

The most dangerous and unwanted side effect of laser hair removal is that the skin can be damaged. Laser hair removal, if done incorrectly, can cause second-and third-degree burns, which are extremely painful and potentially disfiguring. Individuals with severe burns over large areas of their bodies may be unable to move comfortably, work, or wear conventional clothing. In addition, individuals may take months to recover, and even then, significant scarring or discoloration may remain.

Skin discoloration, such as hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation, can occur due to laser hair removal. Hyperpigmentation is a reversible darkening of the skin. Hypopigmentation, or the loss of skin pigments that causes white spots, is a long-term condition. Minor side effects can include skin swelling and rashes. However, these usually resolve in a few days.

When It Comes To Laser Hair Removal Burns And Injuries, Who Is Responsible?

Medical spas, dermatologists’ clinics, and electrologists’ offices may administer laser hair removal treatments and may be held responsible for laser injuries caused by the negligence. These establishments must ensure that technicians are appropriately trained and supervised, and often certified, while serving the public. They also have a responsibility to keep laser hair removal equipment in good working order. Finally, they are responsible for thoroughly informing customers about the potential hazards of the procedure. If the laser device itself malfunctions and causes your injuries, you may file a product liability claim against the manufacturer.

What Should You Do If You Get A Laser Burn?

If you feel your skin has been burned or you are experiencing discomfort after a laser hair removal procedure, see your doctor at once.  If your procedure was administered by a doctor’s office, let that office evaluate your skin, of course, but also have an independent doctor also look at you for an impartial evaluation.  As in all cases of injury, time is of the essence and there is no substitute for getting prompt medical care.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Laser Hair Removal Errors Cause What Kinds Of Injuries?

    Treatments at laser hair removal clinics have the potential to cause a variety of injuries, if administered incorrectly. If they fail to properly train, supervise, or employ technicians, and an injury occurs, the facility, and even the technician, may be liable for damages. The following are some of the most common injuries caused by Laser Hair Removal treatment:

    1. Inflammation of the skin
    2. Bacterial infections
    3. Scars
    4. Discoloration

    Our Savannah hair removal attorney at Thomas Hunter Law will assist you with your recovery, if you are injured from a laser hair removal procedure at a spa or clinic. We have the resources and experience to ensure that you receive the highest possible compensation for your injuries.

    How Prevalent Are Laser Hair Removal Injuries?

    These injuries tend to occur most frequently when administered by inadequately-trained or distracted technicians.  So, experience and attention matter.  The growth in popularity of non-surgical cosmetic treatments also means that more procedures are being done and more people are suffering injuries. Many consumers are unaware that these procedures are often unregulated, or poorly-regulated, putting customers at increased risk.  Be sure to ask the clinic about the number of such procedures they have done, their experience rates for poor results, the specific training and experience of the technician and similar questions, just like you would before any other cosmetic or medical procedure.

    Is Laser Hair Removal Something For Which You Can Sue?

    You can make a claim for damages anytime someone causes you harm through their negligence and injuries suffered in a laser hair removal procedure.  And, like any other negligence claim you may seek recovery for whatever damages you incur – medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, permanent scarring, disfigurement and emotional distress, among others.

Professional Laser Hair Removal Accidents Attorney In Savannah, GA

It is important to seek legal guidance as soon as possible, if you are injured in a laser hair removal procedure in Savannah, GA. Our legal team at Thomas Hunter Law Firm has dealt with similar injuries before, and we can assist you in locating and preserving the evidence you need to prove your case. In addition, we can provide you with legal advice and explain your legal alternatives, if you have a claim for damages. So, get in touch with us to schedule an appointment!

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