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Thomas Hunter is a Savannah native, has been practicing law in Savannah, GA since 1979 and has handled a wide variety of legal matters for his clients. Mr. Hunter now concentrates his practice on representing individuals with serious bodily and personal injuries, whether those injuries have occurred in the course and scope of employment (workers’ compensation) or through the negligence of others (personal injury), but his past, broad experience in other areas of law still add value to his personal injury practice.

Mr. Hunter and his assistant take pride in providing close, personal attention to those select clients he chooses to represent in order to make sure they know and understand their rights and alternatives and to make sure they receive the very best legal advice and assistance.

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Why Clients Most often Choose
Thomas M. Hunter Over Other Law Firms

The law evolves, as do clients’ expectations of the firm they choose to represent them. Recognizing the often held perception of legal services as being expensive and exclusive, Thomas M. Hunter continues to travel a very different road.

Thomas M. Hunter makes it very clear that his reputation, and his concern for his clients, come before his own personal and financial interests. On contingent fee cases, for example, clients always receive more of the recoveries on their claims, than Mr. Hunter charges in legal fees, even if that means Mr. Hunter must reduce his legal fees.  It is Mr. Hunter’s philosophy that a personal injury client, on a contingent fee agreement, should not walk out the door after a recovery with less money in his pocket than the legal fee charged by the lawyer.

“It’s always about putting the clients first and caring about them. This is where my passion lies.  It is what drives me to do my very best, all day, every day.”

Over the past four decades, Mr. Hunter has established a strong reputation for hard work, for taking on difficult cases and for an in-depth understanding of the law.

Clients appreciate his relentless (some might say, “dogged”) pursuit to achieve what his clients deserve in each and every case. Every client is treated with respect and is fully-supported, with the absolute intention of winning his or her case.

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