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Hiring an experienced personal injury attorney will provide you with many benefits, including answers to many of your questions and guidance to manage your way through a complicated legal matter. 

No one ever wants to be seriously injured or ill, especially by a workplace condition or occurrence or by someone else’s negligence. Your primary concerns when you are hurt should be mending and ensuring the well-being of your family.  You need to know how your medical expenses will be paid, how you can recover your lost wages and other losses, and what you can expect in the future.  How will you deal with, and survive, the illness or injury?  All of this can be very stressful.

We have the experience and knowledge to obtain optimal results with injury claims and to give you confidence that your claim will be properly handled. Contact us today!

7 Proven Benefits Of Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer

Below are some of the reasons why you should hire a personal injury attorney:

1. They Can Help You Recieve Compensation For Your Injuries.

If you don’t have access to a lawyer who knows how to maximize and manage your claim and how to position it for resolution at the right time, you will be at the mercy of those on the other side, who do not consider your best interests. It will also likely delay the resolution of your claim, meaning that getting full compensation could take significantly longer. Immediately after your accident, you should contact a personal injury lawyer. A personal injury lawyer will be able to stand between you and the adjuster, attend to details, assemble documents, document your losses, and guide you through these unfamiliar waters.  An experienced personal injury lawyer is familiar with claims like yours and the law that relates to those cases, so he or she can avoid stumbling blocks or roadblocks and assist you in receiving compensation as quickly as possible.

2. They Have Good Negotiation Power.

Knowledge is power.  Experience and training provide knowledge.  So, experience and training are critical in successfully handling a personal injury claim.  You want someone on your side who can go toe-to-toe with the adjusters and lawyers on the other side of your claim.  Before going to law school, Mr. Hunter worked in the claims department of a large national casualty insurer, so he understands what insurers want to see, what gives claims substantial value and how to maximize the value of your claim.

A liability insurance adjuster is trained how to settle claims for the fewest dollars possible.  That adjuster handles injury claims on a daily basis, knows how to put you at ease, how to gain your trust, how to take advantage of your lack of knowledge and information and that adjuster can be highly persuasive. Claims negotiations are adversarial encounters and dealing with insurance companies can be difficult.  They may do whatever they can, including providing you with incorrect information, to get you to accept an offer that is less than fair.

In every negotiation, there is a winner and there is a loser.  You do not want to be a loser, since that will cost you money.

Having the right attorney on your side in a serious claim WILL make a huge difference in your claims experience and will yield a much larger settlement or verdict in the long run.

3. They Can Help You Get Faster Medical Attention.

In every bodily injury claim, the most important thing is to get any and all medical assistance and treatment that you need.  After all, nothing is more important than your health and getting timely medical care will help you get better, faster.  Emergency care is usually available following an injury, but follow-up care can be difficult to get at times.  (If you add your personal injury attorney’s phone number to your telephone contacts, they’ll be one of the first people you may want to contact, if anything bad happens to you.) They may be able to assist and guide you with getting medical attention. The timing, nature, quality and quantity of your medical care and treatment will largely determine whether or not you recover quickly and will have a significant impact upon the overall value of your claim. Your experienced lawyer can work to make sure you get the best treatment possible.

4. They Help You Make Informed Choices.

Personal injury claims may be confusing, particularly if you are not familiar with them or if you are not a lawyer, and they will require a number of decisions and choices along the way, most of which will have consequences.  Who should fix your vehicle?  What type of doctor should you see?  Should you have a third-party (medical insurer, Medicaid, Medicare, etc.) pay your bills while your claim is pending? Should you put your own insurer on notice of your claim? The list of important choices, frankly, goes on and on and, as I said, most will have an impact on your case.  Good choices lead to good results and bad choices lead to bad results.  The choices you make will affect the length of time it will take to resolve your claim.  For example, most claims are resolved without litigation, but you need a lawyer who can realistically advise you on the value of your claim and who is willing to litigate your claim if necessary, in order to obtain fair value for you.  The choice to settle or sue requires insight of the current valuation of the claim and an assessment of whether litigation, with the extra time and costs involved, would be worth the effort. 

And, yes, the choice of which attorney you select is important. If an insurance company knows your lawyer will litigate your case, if necessary, you are much more likely to receive better compensation.  Insurance companies know the law firms who settle cases for less than fair value and they also know the law firms who will fight them, if necessary, to get a fair result.   An experienced bodily injury lawyer can help you decide the value of your case and whether an offer makes sense for you, considering the time and cost of litigation, among other factors.

5. They’re Objective And Professional.

It is often difficult to make informed and objective decisions when you are unfamiliar with the rules and vagaries of bodily injury claims and when you are, figuratively, in the eye of the storm.  Bodily injuries cause great pain and emotional distress. Therefore, having an advocate who can understand what you are going through, but who can also examine your claim from a somewhat detached perspective, insures that your claim can be handled competently, timely and within reasonable expectations.

6. They Offer Peace Of Mind.

No one wants to be taken advantage of and to realize one day that he should have hired a good lawyer.  As with many aspects of life, what you don’t know can hurt you.  Having an experienced bodily injury lawyer handle this very important legal problem – your bodily injury claim – assures you that everything that should be done, will be done.  Since you have enough to contend with from the injury alone, it will be comforting for you to know that your advocate will make sure that the details are taken care of and that you are fairly and promptly compensated for your injuries.  A bodily injury claim, with its many complicated and unfamiliar aspects, should be handled by an experienced lawyer, providing you the peace of mind to concentrate on getting better.

7. They Help You Save Time And Money.

An old saying goes that “A person who represents himself has a fool for a client.”  While that is not always true, of course, it is true when one is unfamiliar with the process, aspects and law relating to a specific topic, injury or claim.  The handling of a bodily injury claim by someone unfamiliar with such matters, for example, can be likened to crossing a minefield, where the enemy knows the location of the mines, but you do not.  Mr. Hunter has often told clients that he has a rudimentary understanding of physiology and, if he had to, he could probably remove his own appendix.  That said, he would rather not take the chance or suffer the consequences, when there are trained surgeons available.  So it is with processing and litigating, if necessary, bodily injury claims.  It is always beneficial to have someone, who knows what he is doing, handle a difficult, complicated matter, especially, when you are likely to realize a better and faster result..

Mr. Hunter, an experienced personal injury lawyer, knows what to do and when to do it. You can concentrate on recovering by devoting less time to legal and insurance issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is A Personal Injury?

A personal injury occurs when someone else’s intentional, wrongful act or negligence causes harm to another. Medical malpractice, premises liability, construction accidents, escalator injuries, swimming pool accidents, and traumatic brain injuries are all examples of places and occurrences where personal injuries may happen.

  • What Are The Signs That I May Have A Personal Injury Claim?

If someone did something he should not have done, or if that someone failed to do something he should have done and caused you or a family member to suffer an injury, and you would like to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney, contact us. In that case, Thomas Hunter Law Firm will do a preliminary evaluation of your claim at no cost to you or your family.  If you have a viable injury case and we believe we can help you, we will then discuss representation with you.

  • Who Is Liable For My Injuries?

Sometimes, it is not obvious who may be liable for your injuries.  Certainly, the person or party who negligently caused your injuries may be held liable, but there are others who may also be responsible. An experienced bodily injury lawyer will seek to determine all potentially-liable parties in order to makes ure that you are fairly compensated.  In a car accident, the other driver may be liable.  Sometimes, an employer, principal or other may be held liable under the concept of vicarious liability.  In a medical malpractice case, a physician or other care giver may be held responsible.  When a person’s actions fall below the standard of care expected of them under the law, a cause of action against them may exist.

Top-Rated Personal Injury Attorney In Savannah, GA

If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, you have the right to seek compensation to help you recover and to compensate you for special damages, like medical expenses and income losses, and for general damages, like pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life, that you may have suffered due to an accident.  Sometimes, you may even be entitled to recover punitive damages against the other party.

Thomas Hunter Law Firm is a seasoned personal injury attorney in Savannah, GA. We have decades of personal injury, auto accident, and other litigation experience. We’re tenacious, conscientious, and focused on getting things done. We prioritize our client’s needs. This dedication has resulted in millions of dollars recovered over the years. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, it is essential to hire an experienced lawyer, who understands the physics of motor vehicle collisions and the defenses the other side is likely to assert. Get in touch with us today to discuss your injury case.

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