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If you’ve been struck by a motor vehicle while you were riding a bicycle, you know the challenges faced by those injured in that fashion. There is an arduous, uphill battle ahead of you. Because the bike itself provides no protection, bicycle injuries are among the most severe injuries a person may sustain. Even if you had a bicycle helmet on, you are likely to have suffered severe injuries. As a result, you may face a lifetime of pain and incapacity. When this happens, you’ll need someone on your side, who can help you with your claim. Simply getting your life back together after a bicycle accident will be hard enough for you. It would ease your circumstances, if you didn’t have to deal with insurance adjusters or insurance company on top of everything else

Bicycle Accident Attorney Savannah | Thomas M. Hunter

Thomas Hunter Law Firm in Savannah, GA, has experience representing cyclists who have been involved in collisions with motor vehicles.  Mr. Hunter understands that fighting hard for the compensation you deserve is the best way to get it. That is why he works relentlessly to construct a strong case from the beginning for his injured clients.

The Causes Of Bicycle Accidents

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Motor vehicle accidents account for about 90% of bike accident deaths and are the most likely to end in catastrophic injury. Bicyclists do not have the same level of protection as occupants of cars.

Similar to motorcycle accidents, some of the causes of bicycle accidents are:

1. Inattentive Drivers

Inattention is to blame for the majority of vehicle-bicycle collisions. Distracted driving, such as, texting, changing the radio station, or eating take the driver’s concentration away from the road and the surroundings, making it difficult to see or appreciate the presence of cyclists sharing the road. Furthermore, distracted driving practices increase the likelihood that a driver would swerve while driving down the road, potentially sideswiping a cyclist, especially in places with no dedicated bike lane.

2. Drunk Driving Or Hit-And-Run

Bicycling popularity in recreational or downtown areas raises the possibility of riders sharing the road with drunk drivers (or even other bikers). DUI collisions provide a unique set of circumstances, especially when the drunk driver flees the accident scene to avoid criminal prosecution or monetary liability. Although catching hit-and-run drivers is challenging, it is not impossible. Call 911 as soon as possible if a hit-and-run driver hits you. In addition to law enforcement, your bicycle accident lawyer may be able to assist and the cyclist’s own uninsured motorist insurance policy or health insurance may cover the victim’s medical expenses and other damages.

3. Bicyclists Are Not Given Priority.

Bicyclists follow the same traffic laws as motor vehicles. Bicyclists must respect the right of way, obey traffic signs, and use the road similarly to cars and other automobiles. That being said, bicyclists should be treated with the same respect as other drivers because the laws that apply to both are generally the same. Bicyclists are entitled to the same rights of way afforded to motorists.

Unfortunately, many drivers treat bikes more like pedestrians than other vehicles, resulting in many bicycle accidents each year. Failure to yield to cyclists who have the right of way is one of the most common causes of bicycle accidents. When automobiles make turns, use roundabouts, or drive down the same road as a bike, rights of way must be respected and afforded to the correct parties. Failure to yield the right of way, even to bicyclists, might make a driver accountable for any damage caused to a biker if the two collide.

4. Dangerous Road Conditions

Another factor to consider in vehicle-bicycle collisions is that the car driver is not always the only one who can be held legally responsible. For example, in some circumstances, poor maintenance may be at fault for dangerous road conditions or areas of low visibility.

The cyclist may claim against the government entity responsible for maintaining the roads and traffic control devices in these situations. If the bicycle was not made or designed correctly, it is also possible that it caused or contributed to the cyclist’s injuries. In some instances, the injured party may file a lawsuit against the bicycle’s designers and manufacturers.

Mr. Hunter, a bicycle accident lawyer in Savannah, Georgia, will look into the possible causes of your injuries and fight for your claim to compensation from any parties involved. Accident lawyers are not all created equal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Do If I'm Involved In A Bicycle Accident?

After a bike accident, the steps you follow can make or break your case. So take note of these steps if you’re in a bike accident:

  • Even if you don't think you're hurt, stay at the accident scene until you've spoken with the police. Accident victims frequently may not experience pain for hours or days after the collision.
  • Interact with the driver as little as possible. Some drivers may take responsibility for the accident only to deny it to their insurance provider later. Stay put and wait for the police to arrive so that they may document the incident.
  • Collect contact information from any nearby witnesses.
  • Take photographs of the incident, your bike, the other vehicle, and any injuries you may have incurred.
  • Get medical attention.

Who’s To Blame For A Bicycle Accident?

Other parties may be responsible for your bicycle accident, in addition to at-fault motorists. For example, you might be able to sue the companies that made the bike or its parts for your injuries if your bike was defective and malfunctioned while you were riding.

Perhaps your bike tire hit a pothole and threw you over the handlebars. An adjacent property owner, nearby construction workers, or road maintenance entity may all be liable for the road’s upkeep. In addition, a government agency may be held responsible for a bicycle accident caused by a poorly planned or poorly marked route.

You may be able to pursue product liability and premises liability cases with help from an experienced personal injury lawyer like Thomas Hunter Law Firm.

Professional Bicycle Accident Attorney In Savannah, GA

If you or someone you know is injured while riding a bike due to a motorist’s negligence, faulty road conditions, or a poorly constructed bicycle, please get in touch with a professional bicycle accident attorney at Thomas Hunter Law Firm. We believe that cyclists have the same rights on the road as other road users and injured bicyclists should recover their damages from negligent parties.

While crossing a road should be an ordinary occurrence, unfortunately, pedestrian accidents do happen. And when motor vehicle-pedestrian accidents occur, the resulting injuries can be significant. Broken bones, internal injuries, severe brain injuries, spinal cord damage and even death can all occur as a result of pedestrian/motor vehicle accidents.

If you or a loved one was critically hurt while walking on the street, you should speak with a pedestrian accident lawyer to learn more about your legal options. Thomas Hunter Law Firm in Savannah, GA, can help you get total compensation for your injuries.

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