How Can A General Practice Lawyer Help You?

How Can A General Practice Lawyer Help You?

A General Law Practice Attorney Can Help You 

Most would agree that we live in complicated times.  Things are always changing and they are changing at an ever-increasing pace!  Medicine, technology, culture and, yes, even “the law” evolves.  Each year, there are many changes in the law that can affect you personally and professionally. 

Your city council, county government, state legislature, a federal agency, and Congress are hard at work and they all pass rules, regulations, and statutes.  Your appellate courts are hard at work applying and interpreting all of those rules, regulations and statutes, sometimes leading to consequences that even the lawmakers might not have intended.   

The upshot is that all of this can impact your life – often significantly and dramatically, creating risks for you, your family, and your livelihood.

Since “the law” is dynamic, always changing, it is important that you mitigate the risks that a changing legal environment can impose.  Truly, what you do not know about the law, can hurt you. 

The old adage, “Ignorance of the law is no excuse”, is as true today as ever.  Unfortunately, there is just so much more “law” that you need to know and so much less time you have to stay abreast of those changes!

One way to navigate the dangerous legal waters our society increasingly imposes upon us is to establish a solid relationship with a trusted attorney.  Ben Franklin said it best, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  So, seek sound legal advice before making those decisions and choices that could negatively impact your life, family, and livelihood.

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