Client Information

Important Instructions to The Client

1. Do not talk to anyone about your case.

2. Do not sign anything pertaining to your case except whatever your attorney may request.

3. If you move, or if your telephone number changes, please update your attorney with the proper contact information.

4. Report any suspicious actions to your attorney. You may be under surveillance by investigators.  Movies, videotape, and still photographs may be made of you.  Be mindful of your actions.

5. Make and keep appointments with your attorney and the staff to help ensure orderly processing of your case.

6. Please keep all doctor appointments. It is best to make a note of any questions you have for the doctor and present that to them at the time of your visit.

7. Maintain a diary of the following:

  • Trips to medical care providers and pharmacies
  • Medical and out-of-pocket expenses
  • Pain and anxiety
  • Good days/bad days
  • notations of things you could not do/places you could not go
  • How your injury affected your normal activity

Provide the following information to your attorney:

  • Declaration page from your auto policy
  • Declaration page from auto policy of vehicle you were in if not your own
  • Declaration page of auto policy from any person residing in your home
  • Photographs (person, accident scene, vehicles)
  • Name and Address of ALL medical care providers
  • Name and Address of pharmacy
  • Health insurance card
  • Medicaid card
  • Medicare card
  • Property damage repair bill or total loss paperwork, if applicable

Actions That Will Affect the Value of Your Claim

Positive Impact

  1. Attending all scheduled doctor’s appointments.
  2. Telling your doctor everything that hurts and getting proper treatment.
  3. Consistent and timely treatment.
  4. Following the doctor’s orders, including medications and at-home treatment, care and exercises.
  5. If you are claiming wage loss, advising your employer if you have to miss work due to injuries sustained in the accident, whether for a sick day, or time off to attend a related doctor’s appointment.
  6. Keeping receipts of ANY items purchased with regards to your injuries. This includes prescriptions, over the counter medication, heating pad, special pillow, a brace/splint for an injured body part, etc.

Negative Impacts

  1. Not showing for a scheduled doctor’s appointment.
  2. Gaps in treatment (i.e. seeing your doctor, missing your follow up and going back complaining of the same problem three months later)
  3. Subsequent accident (auto, slip and fall, or work-related)
  4. Facebook and other social medias describing your “fun” activities while you are still under doctor’s care.
  5. Failing to tell your doctor or employer that the reason for your treatment is due to an auto accident.