Commercial Truck Accident Lawyers Savannah, GA

Commercial Truck Accident Lawyers Savannah, GA

Our Savannah, GA commercial truck accident lawyers handle cases involving 18 wheeler accidents, big rigs, and other types of commercial vehicles. Accidents involving semi-trucks are notoriously complex, making legal representation crucial. We have been practicing litigation in the courts for years, and our lawyers are familiar with how insurance adjusters work and how the trucking industry is structured. You won’t have to settle for less than you deserve when you have a trustworthy advocate on your side.

Choosing our firm as your Savannah, GA truck accident attorney makes sense

  • Commercial motor carrier regulations are well-understood by our team
  • We have access to veteran investigators, medical experts, and industry experts
  • Our trial attorneys are highly skilled and prepared to argue your case before a jury
  • Our team efficiently handles all aspects of your injury claim so that you can focus on recovering

Accidents involving 18-wheelers are a major cause of traffic fatalities

One of the leading causes of traffic-related deaths in the United States is accidents involving large trucks and 18-wheelers. The weight of a large commercial truck can be 30 times that of a passenger car. A collision between a truck and a passenger vehicle is likely to cause catastrophic damage and injuries because of the size disparity. There are special rules and regulations that apply to big rigs and trucks to minimize the risks posed to the public. To help victims prevail in their lawsuits, we can uncover regulatory violations relating to truckers.

For 18-wheelers to be safe, they require high-level, systematic maintenance. The brakes, lights, steering, reflectors, fluid levels and, of course, the engine of these heavy long-haul vehicles must be properly maintained. Maintaining detailed records of such inspections or performing the requisite maintenance can prevent fatal traffic accidents.

Accidents involving commercial trucks

According to federal statistics, tractor trailers are involved in one out of every ten traffic collisions in the United States. Among the most common types of accidents are:

  • Truck Rollovers – The most common cause of rollover accidents is tire blowouts, overloading or improper storage of cargo, which results in a loss of stability and the truck veering out of control
  • Jackknife Crashes – The back end of a trailer can swing around to a 90-degree angle when the driver makes a sudden stop or loses control of the trailer
  • Trailer Detachment – A malfunctioning hitch, or an impact with another vehicle, can cause the trailer to break free.
  • Drive Under/ Under Ride Accidents – Some of the most deadly truck accidents occur when a passenger vehicle slides under the truck when rear-ending or in a T-bone collision
  • Wide Turn Accidents – Accidents involving wide turns – Due to their size, 18-wheelers have to make wide turns when turning. If a passenger vehicle is caught between a truck’s right-hand side and the highway embankment, it can literally be sideswiped or squeezed.
  • Falling cargo – Loads that are improperly secured or overloaded can fall out, posing extreme danger to oncoming traffic

Commercial truck accident victims in the Savannah, Georgia metro area may be eligible to file a lawsuit if they were involved in an 18-wheeler accident. Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation to learn more about your legal options.

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