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Gas plays a vital function in our daily lives. It has a valuable presence in various scenarios throughout the year, from summer barbecues to winter heating. But unfortunately, if gas is not adequately managed, the people who use it may suffer serious long-term harm.

Gas can accumulate in pockets over time, resulting in flames or explosions. These occurrences have the potential to inflict severe personal and property damage. It also causes injuries that cause physical and emotional pain for years, if not decades.
Homeowners or other individuals harmed by gas-related explosions are frequently blamed. But, on the other hand, gas and utility companies are often at fault. When a utility company’s negligence causes you or your family harm, you should seek legal help immediately.

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Gas Explosion Accidents: What You Need To Know

What Are Some Of The Most Common Causes Of Gas Explosion Mishaps?

Most gas explosions happen at work, where enormous amounts of gas are stored improperly, coupled with worker negligence or hazardous conditions. Those who work with gas have a responsibility to keep themselves and others safe by eliminating dangers on the job. If a gas explosion occurs at work despite these safeguards, you may be entitled to file a workers’ compensation claim, in which case your company will compensate you for your losses.

Gas appliances that are not adequately maintained are frequently the source of gas explosions. In addition, third-party responsibility could arise from gas explosions in a home caused by a design flaw, a manufacturing flaw, or incorrect installation. Although a homeowner is rarely held liable for such mishaps, a gas explosion in the home can be terrifying and devastating.

What Are The Types Of Gas Explosions?

A gas explosion might occur when a massive amount of gas is kept in a single location. A propane tank, a manufacturing plant, a gas line, or a fuel tank can all be used as a storage location. When working with volatile materials like gases, it’s crucial to exercise caution to avoid explosions. The various types of gas explosions are as follows:

1. Industrial Explosions

A warehouse or manufacturing complex where significant volumes of chemicals and gases are stored may experience an industrial explosion. People who work with gases should be taught how to handle them properly and what to do if a leak is suspected.

The employment of vehicles to transport explosive gases, malfunctioning electrical equipment, or chemical spills are all common causes of gas explosions in an industrial context. In addition, significant eruptions in industrial settings harm the surrounding environment, contaminating the air and putting the lives of all those who live or work nearby in jeopardy.

2. Residential Explosions

Large gas-powered appliances can cause gas explosions in the home. Boilers, furnaces, and ovens are all popular gas appliances. Modern devices are usually safe and efficient if installed correctly, but bad wiring or improper installation can be fatal.

The risk of explosion increases if the appliance is designed with a dangerous flaw that allows gas to leak. If there isn’t adequate ventilation in the house, appliances like stoves and ovens that reveal a small quantity of gas over time might cause gas to build up. This collected gas might be ignited by a bit of spark or heat source in the home, resulting in an explosion.

3. Propane Tanks

Propane is a highly flammable gas commonly stored in tanks in water heaters, air conditioners, furnaces, and outdoor grills. The unmistakable odor of propane leaks makes them instantly recognizable.

Propane tanks are safe to store in the home and rarely explode. Propane explosions are caused by various conditions, including faulty storage or maintenance, misuse, improper disposal, or manufacturing faults.

4. Fuel Tanks

Fuel tanks are used to store propane, petroleum gasoline, or other forms of gases found in both residential and industrial settings. If the driver is involved in an accident that causes the fuel tank to leak or catch fire, the tank may explode. Therefore, most flammable and combustible gases should be prominently stated on the tank and the type of gas it contains.

Proper storage is essential to avoid incidents. For example, store the tank in a secure and dry location away from direct sunlight. To prevent leaking, keep valves and lids tightly closed. Any visible or odored leaks should be dealt with right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Kind Of Injuries Are Caused By Gas Explosions?

Blow force trauma, crush injuries, lacerations, and burns are all possible injuries from explosions. A blast wave created by a blast can cause damage to every organ in the human  body, including eardrums, brain, and lungs. When debris falls on someone, it can cause an injury. These injuries can result in limb loss and death. The most common type of explosion damage is burns, resulting in permanent impairments, deformity, and death.

  • When Should I Hire An Attorney To Represent Me In My Gas Explosion Case?

If you or a family member has been injured due to a gas explosion, you should get legal advice as quickly as possible. There is a deadline for filing a personal injury claim, but evidence might be lost or destroyed over time due to the blast clean-up. Therefore, you must retain proof after the explosion to prove your case.

Your lawyer will begin researching and gathering evidence as soon as possible, interviewing witnesses, handling insurance claims, and analyzing medical records. You may not be in good enough shape to seek aid right away if the explosion has injured you, but it’s critical to get started as soon as possible.

  • Who Is Responsible For Injuries In A Gas Explosion Lawsuit?

A skilled legal team will track down all of the responsible parties. For example, if you are hurt in an apartment explosion, the building owner, landlord, public utilities, maintenance staff, and appliance makers are all held accountable, depending on the circumstances.

Why Hire Thomas Hunter Law Firm?

At Thomas Hunter Law Firm, our personal injury lawyer in Savannah, GA, understands that the stakes in a gas leak case are enormous and that more than just your financial future is on the line. The utility companies should be held liable for their negligence in gas leaks and explosions, which pose a severe risk to public safety. It is essential to address the incident immediately. While nothing can make up for the pain you’ve endured due to someone else’s negligence, we’re here to help you through this challenging time. We’ll work hard to find all possible sources of compensation on your behalf.

Accidents can cause spinal cord injuries in various ways, but they all have one thing in common: a long road to recovery and the possibility of life-altering damages.

Spinal injuries are severe, and they can be extremely challenging to heal. If you have suffered a spinal injury due to someone else’s negligence, the Thomas Hunter Law Firm will fight for you to ensure you receive the maximum compensation.

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