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Liquor Liability And Dram Shop Lawyers

While many people love consuming alcohol and do it responsibly, others fail to regard their own and others’ safety while inebriated. Intoxicated persons frequently cause property damage and harm to others, which is a terrible truth. When someone is drunk and decides to drive, the consequences might be fatal. In some situations, the restaurant that served the intoxicated individual may be held accountable. We understand the pain you’re going through if you’ve been in a drunk driving accident.

Thomas Hunter Law Firm is dedicated to assisting you in seeking justice and making individuals who contributed to your injury accountable for their conduct. For caring and zealous legal assistance, contact our firm today!

Liquor Liability And Dram Shop 101

What Is A Dram Shop?

Dram shops take their name from “dram,” a unit of measurement used to sell alcohol. They can be a bar, tavern, or other business establishment types that sell alcoholic beverages.

What Is Dram Shop Liability?

The civil liability imposed against a bar or tavern is dram shop liability. In addition, other establishments that provide alcohol, such as restaurants or clubs, are also included in dram shop liability. Dram shop liability refers to the possibility of a bar or other establishment being held accountable for civil damages if it served alcohol to a patron who later caused harm to another person in an accident.

Who Is To Blame In Liquor Liability And Dram Shop Cases?

People who hold parties at their homes or establishments such as pubs and restaurants are not the only ones who are responsible in these circumstances. Other establishments that may be held liable include:

  1. Universities and colleges
  2. Hotels
  3. Wedding halls
  4. Convention centers
  5. Companies that throw office get-togethers

Are Bars Responsible For Drunk Drivers?

A business that sells alcohol to a driver under the influence of alcohol is liable if the sale was a foreseeable cause of the subsequent injury or death.

The establishment must have sold alcohol to a minor or drunk to be found liable. In addition, that person must then have been responsible for an accident that resulted in injury, death, or property damage.

What Are The Different Types Of Dram Shop Settlements?

Like other personal injury claims, dram shop lawsuits are filed by victims to reclaim losses they have incurred as a result of an event. In certain instances, the following sorts of damages may be available:

  1. Suffering and physical pain
  2. Damages to one’s mental health and emotional well-being
  3. Work-related and other activities-related disabilities
  4. Expenses for medical treatment and other no-fault insurance benefits
  5. Compensation for Wrongful Death

Settlements paid by the drunk driver’s insurance company are in addition to payments paid by the bar or establishment liable for supplying the drunk driver. Our dram shop lawyer will evaluate all potential claims to assist you in getting the best settlement possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Dram Shop Liability Covers What Kinds Of Businesses?

    Dram shop liability covers any establishment that sells or provides alcoholic beverages. It includes bars, restaurants, nightclubs, country clubs, and sporting venues like stadiums!

    Is It True That Liquor Liability Cases Are Only Limited To Car Accidents?

    We only think about motor vehicle accidents when we think of liquor liability cases most of the time. In reality, liquor liability and dram shop cases include many scenarios. It may involve issues like fights in restaurants, pubs, and parties. In some circumstances, young people are sold so much alcohol that they suffer lasting or even fatal injuries due to the drinking itself.

    In other cases, young individuals are sold excessive amounts of alcohol, rendering them unable to defend themselves and becoming victims of attacks or sexual assaults.

    How Can A Drunk Driving Victim Sue A Dram Shop For Compensation?

    A drunk driving accident victim should first consult with a knowledgeable attorney. The lawyer can assist the victim in determining whether or not a dram shop might be held accountable. This is usually accomplished by obtaining evidence that the intoxicated driver’s actions were directly related to their purchase and use of alcohol at the dram shop. The victim may hold the dram store accountable for damages if the lawyer can establish this.

Liquor Liability And Dram Shop Defense Lawyer In Savannah, GA

Mr. Thomas Hunter has successfully defended and handled dram shop and liquor liability matters since 1979. The Savannah, GA liquor liability and dram shop attorney has the legal knowledge and experience to help you get the justice and compensation that you deserve.

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The Thomas Hunter Law Firm assists Savannah, GA workers injured from chemical exposure. Victims obtain the compensation to which they are entitled from all liable parties.

The Thomas Hunter Law Firm assists Savannah, GA workers injured from chemical exposure. Victims obtain the compensation to which they are entitled from all liable parties.

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