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Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

If you are pedestrian and you are struck by a motor vehicle, the injuries you sustain can be serious.  You may need extensive treatment, including surgery, and you will likely need much time to recuperate. Victims of pedestrian accidents may find themselves in severe financial difficulty, with large medical bills and a lack of income. A personal injury attorney can aid you in fighting the insurance companies and obtaining the most significant compensation for your pedestrian accident claim.

The Thomas Hunter Law Firm in Savannah, GA, understands your concerns and is prepared to go to any length to ensure you are fairly compensated for your injuries or the loss of a loved one. Mr. Hunter will not rest until the victims of pedestrian accidents receive the justice they deserve.

Pedestrian Accidents 101

What Are The Most Common Causes Of Pedestrian Accidents?

When drivers fail to keep a close eye on the road, the consequences can be disastrous, particularly for pedestrians. Here are some of the causes of pedestrian accidents:
  • Distracted driving
  • Failure for cars and bicyclists to yield to pedestrians at the crosswalks
  • Not looking both ways before turning at the intersections
  • Driving fast
  • Drivers are not adhering to posted speed limits
  • Drivers are driving while drunk or under the influence of drugs

Pedestrian accidents are significantly more common in cities than in rural areas, yet they can also happen on country roads. Winding roads with limited vision and fast speeds are ideal, unfortunately, for a pedestrian accident.

What Types Of Injuries Do Pedestrians Suffer In Car accidents?

Pedestrian accidents are frequently fatal because the human body cannot withstand the force transferred to the human by a collision with a vehicle. F=ma.  Motor vehicles weigh thousands of pounds and when that mass has been put in motion, tremendous force is generated.  We are not designed to absorb such force, so bones can snap like kindling wood when hit by a car that is traveling at a high speed.  Serious injuries can occur, such as:

  • Deep wounds (lacerations) and bruising (contusions), with significant organ damage
  • Concussions and more serious traumatic brain injuries are examples of head injuries.
  • Eye injuries and visual loss can result from dental or facial injuries.
  • Paralysis or other functional loss due to spinal cord injury
  • Broken bones or injury to other components of the musculoskeletal system are common orthopedic injuries.

Following a severe injury, it can also be challenging dealing with insurance companies.  Recovering from a severe accident can be stressful enough, so there is no need to add the claim stress to the physical and emotional stress of the injury. If you hire a pedestrian accident lawyer, you will be glad you did.  You will need an experienced personal injury law firm on your side to assist you with your pedestrian accident claim. Not only can Thomas Hunter Law Firm help you secure your claim, but we can also assist you in dealing with insurance companies.

How Can A Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Assist You?

A pedestrian accident lawyer can assist you in several ways:

1. Calculating The Total Of Your Losses

Accidents involving motor vehicles are costly. Not only must you consider urgent expenses, but you must also consider future costs, such as long-term medical care. Yes, you may be in a lot of debt right now, and a quick settlement will help you get out of it, but settling too quickly means you’ll have to pay out of pocket for any future obligations.

2. Contacting The Insurance Company

Even if it’s evident who caused your pedestrian accident, the insurance company will do everything in its power to avoid paying you a reasonable settlement. Therefore, you’ll need the support of an experienced vehicle accident lawyer to negotiate with the insurance company and fight for a fair payment on your behalf.

An experienced personal injury Firm like the Thomas Hunter Law Firm can adequately represent you in the courtroom for a pedestrian accident if a settlement for compensation has not been reached.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Meaning Of Pedestrian Negligence?

A person is held responsible for a pedestrian accident if they acted recklessly or carelessly. For example, if a pedestrian dashed out in front of a car without looking both ways and/or failed to use a crosswalk, the pedestrian may have engaged in pedestrian negligence.

What Happens If A Pedestrian Causes An Accident?

If a pedestrian is hit by a car in a pedestrian accident, they may be deemed liable for their own, as well as the driver’s damages.  If the fault lies with the driver, the driver is responsible for his own damages, as well as the pedestrian’s damages. These damages may involve property damages and bodily injury damages, like medical costs, pain, suffering, and lost wages. 

How Much Compensation Can I Expect In A Pedestrian Accident Lawsuit?

It is usually impossible to inform a potential pedestrian accident plaintiff how much he may receive, if his treatment is ongoing and he has not recovered from his injuries.  That is because the value of the claim will include the costs of medical treatment, income losses and other items.   As the damages and liability “pictures” becomes clearer, your lawyer will have a better ability to estimate fair compensation. 

There are also other details to consider, including degrees of fault, the severity of the damage, and third-party liability. Whatever the circumstances of your case, the Thomas Hunter Law Firm will strive to obtain the highest possible financial damages settlement for you.

Professional Pedestrian Accident Attorney In Savannah, GA

Are you looking for a personal injury attorney for a pedestrian accident in Savannah, GA? Get the justice you deserve if you or a loved one is hurt in a pedestrian accident. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, including medical costs and other losses.

Since 1979, the Thomas Hunter Law Firm has been helping Savannah, GA residents file personal injury and wrongful death claims. Please reach out to us today!

Medical malpractice occurs when a health care provider fails to provide care that meets accepted standards.  This may be because proper care was not offered or because proper care was offered, but the care was performed below acceptable standards.  

If you suspect you or a family member has suffered severe damage due to medical negligence, you should speak with a medical malpractice attorney near you.

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