Wrongful Death Attorneys Savannah GA

Wrongful Death Attorneys Savannah GA

Wrongful Death Occurs in Numerous Ways

Negligence can cause wrongful death in a variety of ways. Sadly, if an accident can cause injury, it can also cause death. Wrongful death encompasses a wide range of situations that can lead to death, from auto accidents to product malfunctions.

Below are some examples of common types of negligence that can lead to an individual’s death. A claim or lawsuit on behalf of your loved one may be possible if any of the following apply.

Medical Malpractice

You will find certified and skilled doctors and nurses in a hospital. Medical providers, however, can still make mistakes due to a variety of reasons.

Patients may be misdiagnosed if doctors are overworked and tired and fail to follow standard protocol. The situation can result in medical malpractice, which can sometimes prove fatal.

  • Medical malpractice can result in death in the following cases:
  • Failure to correctly diagnose a patient’s disease or misdiagnosis
  • Making a fatal surgical mistake during an operation
  • Leaving objects in the patient’s body, which may cause infection or other complications
  • Providing the wrong dosage of a prescription medicine
  • Not considering the patient’s medical history before administering treatment

Vehicle Accidents

Each year in Savannah, GA, many people die in vehicle accidents. This situation is caused by:

  • Drunk driving
  • Reckless driving
  • Excessive speeding
  • Distracted driving

Drivers may be held liable for wrongful death when they commit these offenses and people lose their lives.

If the accident occurred due to poor road conditions, then the government entity with jurisdiction over the area where the accident and death occurred may be liable. A Savannah, GA wrongful death lawyer from our firm can advise you about taking action against a municipality.

Pedestrian Accidents

As a result of distracted driving, accidents and fatalities occur. Most of these cases are filed because the drivers failed to yield the right-of-way, were speeding excessively, or were drunk when the accident occurred.

Defective Products

It’s the last thing consumers consider when buying products that they might lose their lives using the products. However, some people die from injuries caused by certain products. Defective products that are poorly designed, poorly manufactured, or that fail to meet safety standards have been known to cause harm and death.

Defective products may include:

  •  Consumables
  • Camping or sporting gear
  • Medical devices
  • Vehicles or vehicle parts
  • Cellphones
  • Children’s toys or baby products
  • Prescription drugs

A vehicle with defective auto parts, such as a defective tire or brake, can cause a fatal accident. There are consumer products that can electrocute a person, such as kitchen and electronic appliances.

Children’s products such as cribs, highchairs, and toys can result in wrongful deaths if they are not made to safety standards. Defibrillators and cardiac pumps can have flaws, too.

GA Wrongful Death Lawyers Can Help You Find Closure

A wrongful death can occur at any time, and when it does, a Savannah, GA wrongful death lawyer may be able to help. We, at Thomas Hunter Law Firm will help you fight for compensation for your losses during every stage of the lawsuit. Contact our office for more information about a wrongful death law suit.

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