Boat Accidents Lawyer in Savannah, GA

On the lakes and waterways of Savannah, GA, there are many types of boating accidents, including one-craft and two-craft collisions, collisions with smaller pieces of water equipment, such as jet skis, and large-scale boating accidents.

Accidents involving personal boats are often caused by:

  • Inexperienced drivers
  • Alcohol
  • Mechanical failure

Many types of boats may be operated without any type of certification or license in Savannah, GA, like in most states. When certification is needed, the driver must complete an online boating safety course, which does not require actual boating experience or observation of the driver’s skills.  

A boat accident lawyer in Savannah GA can help

Get legal advice from an experienced boat accident lawyer in Savannah GA before taking any further steps if you’ve been injured in a boating accident. Thomas Hunter’s personal injury lawyers have helped our clients recover significant sums of money.

Boating accidents caused by negligence

In all kinds of personal injury cases, you must prove that the person or entity was at fault for your injuries by showing that:

  • Had a duty of care to you
  • Breached that duty
  • By breaching that duty, caused the accident, and
  • Caused your injury

It is necessary to prove that you suffered damages as a result. An accident involving a boat may cause the following types of damage:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage

A boating accident case involving mechanical failure

Boating accidents sometimes involve mechanical failure, whether it’s from a personal watercraft crash to a ferry accident. Often, boating accidents occur due to negligent operation, but they may also occur because of defective equipment or negligent maintenance.

If a manufacturer or another party is responsible for your boating accident, we may work with engineers and other highly qualified individuals to establish the cause of the accident.

Liability in a Boating Accident

In a boating accident case, gathering evidence and reconstructing the accident may be more difficult than in a car accident or other land accident case. Complications arise because:

  • Unlike an automobile accident in a city, there may be fewer witnesses to a boating accident, and they may be more difficult to identify
  • A video recording from a cell phone or video from a neighboring business is less likely to be found
  • It is not possible to reconstruct an accident from skid marks or adjacent property damage

In determining the cause of a boating accident, an extensive investigation and discovery may be required, which may include:

  • Recovering sunken wreckage from the involved vessels
  • Identifying any witnesses and collecting their statements
  • Results of drug and alcohol testing for drivers

How to prove damages after a boating accident

Extensive evidence may be required to establish liability.  In addition, we need to prove injuries and damages. During the course of your case, we will gather information such as:

  • Statements from treating physicians and medical records
  • Costs of medical care to date and projected future costs
  • Expenses associated with your injuries, such as assistance or equipment
  • Lost wages so far and projected losses in the future
  • Valuation of damaged property

Auto Accident Lawyers in Savannah, GA

You Had an Auto Accident?

We understand the pain and devastation that follows an auto accident caused by someone else’s negligence. The goal of our firm is to help our clients receive the full and fair compensation they deserve – any other outcome is unacceptable to us. Among these damages are:

  • Medical treatment
  • Pain and suffering (emotional and physical)
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage

Have I got a case?

It is very possible that you have a valid personal injury claim if you were injured in a auto accident that was the result of another person’s negligence. It may not be necessary for you to file a lawsuit in some cases.   Some claims are settled in advance of litigation.

How can I find out who is responsible?

An auto accident lawyer who takes your case must prove that the other party was negligent and that their mistake caused your injuries. When another driver fails to yield, it is very likely that they are responsible for the crash.  

Georgia has a modified comparative negligence system. Even if you were partially to blame, you can recover damages from the party or parties responsible for your injuries, so long as your percentage of fault doesn’t exceed the percentage of fault of the other party, or the percentage of fault of all parties combined. You will also be responsible for a portion of the damages awarded.

If I wasn’t wearing a seat belt when the accident occurred, can I still file a claim?

Failure to not wear a seatbelt in Georgia will not disqualify you from a personal injury claim.  That may differ in other states.  But, the defense may argue that even if you did not cause the accident, your injuries would not have been as severe if you had worn your seat belt. This could reduce the amount of compensation you receive.  This is a factor to discuss with your lawyer before giving any statements to others. 

My injuries do not appear to be serious. Should I see a doctor?

Yes. You may not realize how serious your injuries are at the scene of the accident, either due to adrenaline or because it is a kind of injury that develops more slowly, such as Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). A doctor should be consulted soon after an accident not only for medical reasons, but also for legal ones. It is beneficial to your case if your medical records demonstrate you sought treatment for your injuries in a timely fashion following your accident.

How Can A General Practice Lawyer Help You?

A General Law Practice Attorney Can Help You 

Most would agree that we live in complicated times.  Things are always changing and they are changing at an ever-increasing pace!  Medicine, technology, culture and, yes, even “the law” evolves.  Each year, there are many changes in the law that can affect you personally and professionally. 

Your city council, county government, state legislature, a federal agency, and Congress are hard at work and they all pass rules, regulations, and statutes.  Your appellate courts are hard at work applying and interpreting all of those rules, regulations and statutes, sometimes leading to consequences that even the lawmakers might not have intended.   

The upshot is that all of this can impact your life – often significantly and dramatically, creating risks for you, your family, and your livelihood.

Since “the law” is dynamic, always changing, it is important that you mitigate the risks that a changing legal environment can impose.  Truly, what you do not know about the law, can hurt you. 

The old adage, “Ignorance of the law is no excuse”, is as true today as ever.  Unfortunately, there is just so much more “law” that you need to know and so much less time you have to stay abreast of those changes!

One way to navigate the dangerous legal waters our society increasingly imposes upon us is to establish a solid relationship with a trusted attorney.  Ben Franklin said it best, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  So, seek sound legal advice before making those decisions and choices that could negatively impact your life, family, and livelihood.