Should I File A Personal Injury Claim After A Car Accident?

Should I File A Personal Injury Claim After A Car Accident?

Should I File A Personal Injury Claim After A Car Accident?

Victims frequently have a lot of questions after a shocking and stressful incident such as a car accident. Accidents are, by definition, unforeseen and frightening events, so it is quite natural to feel overwhelmed. An automobile accident has the power to completely alter someone’s life. One of the most frequent queries that car accident victims have is, “Should I file a personal injury claim?”

Thomas M. Hunter of Thomas Hunter Law Firm has spent 42 years practicing law. He and his assistant make sure that they provide close, personal attention to those select clients he chooses to represent to guarantee that they know and understand their rights and alternatives, as well as to receive the very best legal advice and assistance.

Should You Pursue a Personal Injury Claim?

Depending on the level of injuries sustained from the car accident you were involved in, it might take you a while to get back to work, or you might not be able to return altogether. This means you will have no means to make the money you need to support your family and yourself in the future. Not to mention, your medical expenses may be building up as well.

With all this in mind, a personal injury claim may be your best chance at easing your financial burden. However, you are probably wary about how long the entire legal process might take, how it will take a toll on you both physically and mentally, or if it is even worth pursuing. Below, we discuss some important considerations as you decide whether or not you would want to do that:

1. The Responsible Party

If compensation is offered after an automobile accident, blame frequently plays a significant part in the decision. Pursuing a personal injury claim may be worthwhile if the other motorist was totally to blame for the collision and is thus responsible for damages. Other times, though, the accident may have been solely the responsibility of the wounded individual, or perhaps both parties may have contributed to it. Therefore, it will be crucial to get legal advice from a lawyer who is knowledgeable about the laws that apply to your specific situation and region.

2. Injury Level

Legal proceedings take a long time to conclude. You may consider that filing a personal injury claim is not worth the hassle if you only experienced minor injuries, such as cuts, bruises, or strains that healed quickly and had no long-term consequences. However, if your injuries were serious and long-lasting and required continuous medical care, pursuing a personal injury claim to get the money you are entitled to may be your best option. An attorney who is knowledgeable about the law will be able to hear you out, talk about your injuries, and provide you with the best advice for your particular circumstance.

3. Extent of Damages

In certain cases, damages may be awarded for property damage, medical expenses, lost income or future earnings projections, pain and suffering damages, and more. Every case will be unique, but generally speaking, the more injuries you have sustained, the more likely it is that pursuing a personal injury claim will be crucial to obtaining the money you want and deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I Need A Lawyer for A Car Accident?

Yes, you need a lawyer for a car accident.  A skilled personal injury lawyer will be able to give you wise legal counsel as well as take the necessary action to secure your rightful compensation.

  • Is It Worth Hiring A Car Accident Lawyer?

Although you are not obligated to do so, hiring a car accident attorney can increase the compensation you get. Even when legal expenses are deducted, the majority of clients receive more compensation than they would have if they had attempted to resolve the issue alone.

  • How To Find A Good Car Accident Lawyer

There are a few methods to select a legal company that is best suited for you and your case while attempting to find a reliable car accident attorney:

  1. Look for an experienced attorney.
  2. Find a lawyer who has expertise with cases with similar circumstances to your case.
  3. Hire a lawyer who has a good track record of success in court.

A Knowledgeable And Trustworthy Personal Injury Lawyer

There are plenty of factors to take into account when deciding whether or not pursuing a personal injury claim is the right course of action in the wake of an auto accident. There is no better time than the present to begin taking the initial steps if you think that pursuing a personal injury claim would be your best option. If you do decide to file a case, you will need a knowledgeable and trustworthy personal injury lawyer on your side.  Thomas M. Hunter can provide you with sound counsel and defend your interests if you need to bring the case to court.

On your behalf, Mr. Hunter will seek the most effective legal options. He will try to get you the maximum amount of compensation possible. We can assist you if you’re prepared to begin the process.

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